Local SEO

Local SEO stands for Local Search Engine Optimisation and it is a technique which has been proven to be a great success when it comes to local websites appearing or ranking high on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and more. It is very important to any self storage operator to seek a highly skilled SEO expert to enable their website to be discovered when certain search phrases, terms or words are keyed in on search engines.  This is where our team of experts come in.

SelfStorageSEO UK are a niche-focused specialist in online marketing and lead generation for storers and movers and only work with one storage operator in any locality. This is because we are committed to helping our clients dominate their local market. At SelfStorageSEO you will receive a lot of support and resources to help your website rank higher and also leads via our affiliated programs both online and off-line.

Local Link Building

Having a local SEO campaigns with Link building is ultimately vital and is something that most online marketing professionals often overlook. Link Building the most important method in the search engine optimisation and we have links. Your credibility and citation is extremely vital so we work excessively on this too.

Local SEO relies mostly on links from other local websites as opposed to standard SEO campaigns, really on links from other local websites relevant to yours. Even though links from high authority websites helps, your self storage website will rank higher by receiving links from websites in your local area with similar contents to your industry. This includes local news sites, directories, blogs and information websites. Some information on Search Engine Land shows how you can rank your local business.

Local SEO for Self Storage Operators



Let us say you drove a Mercedes Benz and wanted to take it in to a local garage but found out that there was a Mercedes-Benz specialist garage offering the same fee as the local garage (or at least close enough fee). You discover that a member of their team (the actual mechanic working on your car) drove a Mercedes himself. They have a network of specialist garages who link to their computer system for back up so your vehicle gets the best updated software which in turn helps the efficiency of your motor. Would you feel confident that they will fix your cars issues? Surely you would.

Similarly SelfStorageSEO.co.uk are specialists in search engine marketing for local self store operators and have the skill, resources and link building techniques to help your website rank higher on the major search pages.


We Want You To Dominate Your Local Area

We want to build a long lasting work relationship with your self storage business so we will only work with one company in your locality. We will leverage your local storage website by taking over your existing website or our team of web design experts can develop and host a search engine optimised website for your self-storage or removal business with all relevant keywords, citations and backlinks. We will spend a lot of time building links and create rich and quality contents for every page using our unique techniques that search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing embrace.

Among other strategies we are going to research the first 10 websites on page 1 of Google in your locality or town by looking at their link sources. We will then reverse their technique and strategy and outperform them by aggressively adding contents, sharing them and marketing to industry related journalists. All done within Google’s recommended methods.

We are constantly visiting trade shows, exhibitions and events for self storage and removal companies so we keep up-to-date with what is new in the industry and who is who so do not hesitate because your local competition will get us working with them before you do.

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