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Press Release

Firstly, let us explain what a press release is. It is also referred as news release or a media release and is a written communicating means that is usually directed at journalists and the news media industry. The purpose is to announce something that is newsworthy and would interest the reader. It is also a very good way for brands to reach out to an audience and a well written PR can capture the attention of some influential journalists.

At SelfStorageSEO_UK we do everything to get your self storage brand exposed to as many customers as possible and this includes writing and distributing of press release. If you do not already have a press release or news content available or you have one but do not know how to get it to the right people then we can help. We have a good track record of helping businesses with their brand exposure and getting it across to their niche press or media.

Press Release Writing

Self Storage SEO Press Release

So if you have some great news about your self storage facility, introducing a new service or just to remind your locality about your brand the SelfStorageSEO_UK can distribute your news for you. By using our links and contacts we can get your news directly to UK’s most influential journalists, bloggers and freelance media professionals including national, regional and local press. Our media team will make sure your news is distributed through these channels but can also submit to online news, television and even radio presenters. We shall distribute your press release through a UK licensed media platform which is used by the worlds most major news organisation. With this service we make sure that your news reaches the right personnels and to your targeted audience.

Press Release Distribution

On completion we will provide you with a full media distribution list that will detail the journalist’s contacts and everyone media company that your press release has gone out to. This will also include their email addresses, websites, telephone numbers, addresses and every contact detail you may require for any future references or if you decide to follow up.

We are always happy for a chat and also ready to talk you through exactly what we do and how we can help get your self storage news out there to the people that matter to your business. We are here to assist and create opportunities to make your local self storage business dominate your local competition with great content writing, media and news releases as well so get in touch today and we will be glad to help you!

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