Search Engine Marketing

For many self storage business, the customer’s journey begins with search engine marketing. Online search was the top of the list in the USA shopping industry online marketing channels, making it  rank higher than direct online referrals or visits.


A pivotal component in any search engine marketing campaign is an advert that is well-written. Some other factors can influence this however the way in which your your advert is displayed will determine the success. You will know if your advert has inspire browser to click through by means of analysing with online analytic tools.



This online method uses paid search ads to generate traffic through mobile and desktop search. It is not a substitute for your other digital marketing activities, especially because web browsers often ignore search ads. This is true however a cost per acquisition campaign makes the paid search option more valuable and the much better way for your self storage business to attract more tenants, boost your search engine awareness and support your other marketing strategies.

Even though paid advertising lets you pay for placement, you (or your account manager) are in control and can decide who sees it, where it is appears and how long it stays live. SEM can be seen as a turbo boosting process. Pay Per Click aka PPC is mostly the channel used in executing this action but some call it Cost Per Click.  This process uses an auction and ranking method to determine which adverts show in any particular order.Self Storage PPC Advantages Search Engine Marketing



With a Pay-Per-Click ad, the placement is determined by two things which are; 1. The advertiser’s maximum cash amount for search query bids, 2. The  quality score which is the relevance of the advert, the keywords used and the contents of landing page. With Pay Per Click campaigns you will get web traffic instantly with your self storage website appearing on Page 1 on Google and other search engines. Google calls this Adwords!



Self Storage Search Engine Marketing

While PPC campaigns are very important in get instant online traffic to your self storage website, Search Engine Optimisation on the other hand is vital. SEO is a slow and sturdy method of building your brand awareness.



Online search and PPC campaigns are driven by keywords so while it may seem easy enough to make up keywords for your self storage online marketing some careful decisions should be made. You could run with keywords easily (so to speak) and end up with loads of closely related words, phrases and variations.

It is imminent that keyword research is done and not just to generate quantity but quality. With Pay Per Click campaigns, how you organise your keywords is what is important first of all. We would like to tell you more about Social Media Marketing next.



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