Social Media Marketing

Many people do not value the importance of social media marketing as they should. Social media marketing has its goals and it is not just to gain likes, fans or retweets. Social marketing is more than just an online contest on popularity and the better self storage owners and operators understand that the more clued up they will be about investing time and money in using this platform to promote their storage brand. There are some many benefits to social media marketing that all self storers and movers need to be aware of.


It has benefits and is an excellent way to exposure your brand. Some storage owners think that so far us you have a social media account you will get likes and interests. This is not the case! Social media networks are used by many in the United Kingdom, in-fact more than two thirds of people in this country. Contents spreads virally through social media mo

re than any other platform do this is the perfect channel for any self storage business to expose brands their to users. In a report by Steve Hart, a co-founder for Relevanza Digital mentioned that 86 percent of Americans alone like to share funny stuff via social media. In modern times, self storage companies are using platforms like Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn marketing to attract new tenants.


Social media sharing is a must and should be part of all self storage company’s content marketing plan. Did you know the Social media plays a large role of referral traffic on the internet. People are always sharing content and actively look for interesting content to share online.

Your storage and removal social media accounts and activities can be tracked with Google Analytics and other online tracking tools. These tools helps marketing managers o

Social Media Marketing for Self Storage Units

r owners of self storage facilities to analyse and find ways of improving their social activities.

Social media marketing play a massive part of increasing sales for your local self storage as well as improving brand awareness, it’s legitimacy and the funny human side of t

heir local self-store operators. We advise you to learn about the importance of social media marketing and why a continuous updating and interaction in of great benefit to your storing business. Another thing is that if social media is not executed properly it can cause damage to your brand. This can be detrimental to any self-storage venture and in that case it may be a great idea to take advantage of our online reputation management package.



This is some thing that gets ignored but social media marketing helps your self storage brand with it’s legitimacy. When your potential tenants discover your storage unit facility, they would likely want to know a little more about how secure or your reputation and the best way to find out this is by means Self Storage Social Media Marketing Managerof checking your web activities.  Often they will check out your social media pages to read about your business.

Your competitors will have static website pages that hardly changes after being set up initially by the their web design company. Every storage business should update their social media pages regularly by posting pictures, commenting, liking others posts and interacting with your social media loving tenants. A website establishes that a brand exists, but a social media page establishes that the brand is active. The number of followers you have will also show your potential tenants how popular your self store brand is great reviews on Google, Facebook and other review site can show them that your Self Storage brand is love by many. We can help you with social media management so you can concentrate on running your business and taking care of your tenants!

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